Episode 1: ALDERNEY

The most remarkable example of Atlantic Wall and Victorian defences.


This interactive DVD-Video features the beautiful island of Alderney, in the English Channel, which was a fortified base for the British fleet in Victorian times. It was occupied by the German army during World War Two, and became such a crucial part of the Atlantic Wall, the biggest defence line ever built, that it became its strongest defended stretch.tunnel

mp370 years later, most of the fortifications are still there, often close to their original condition, making Alderney an astonishing testimony of coastal defence and especially of the Atlantic Wall.

This an authored documentary of this unique fortress island.

The most significant of these fortifications are explored and described, with the help of local experts, archive pictures and animations, to illustrate the amazing history of this place, which retains so many traces of static defence and German occupation. Yet Alderney has also retained its natural beauty, and its forts add an element of charm to this magical island. But there is also a dark side to its fortifications...

This episode was made between 2011 and 2012 and features a comprehensive coverage of the main static defence sites on the island. In 87 minutes we introduce the historical and geographical aspects of Alderney and venture into its many forts and bunkers, often led by local experts and aided by archive pictures to better illustrate them.chateau


The amount of defence works on Alderney is impressive for such a small island, yet what makes a stronger impression is their history, and some less known facts that give them an added value.

The DVD also offers some extra features like an interactive map, plus exclusive free access to additional content to purchasers of the DVD, via a special link to a restricted area on this website.


Some buyers' comments on Amazon (also check out the official reviews in the 'News' section):

"Great DVD recommend it." Vivienne Jones, 1 January 2014
"All good. Delighted with product." Marcus, 21 November 2013
"This is a fascinating and detailed insight to the fortifications in Alderney and I await the next in the series with interest and anticipation." nicholas b., 8 November 2013
"very interesting dvd, having been to alderney and seen some of the fortifcations was amazed to see how many more there were . look forward to the next dvd." richard s, 8 November 2013
"very happy with product" P L., 15/12/2012 - "super dvd very satisfied" Barry S., 1/1/2013 - "A splendid product" Paul V Williams, 29/4/2013

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