An exploration of isolated clusters of fortified warfare

Welcome to Battleship Islands.

Fortifications in the past centuries often took place on an island, to such an extent that it would become a floating fortress. This DVD series explores those islands which had such a strategic importance, that they were taken over by the military and packed with coastal defences to turn them into battleships on firm ground.

This series is authored and developed by Alberto Tabone, a Video and Multimedia Producer who has been passionate about fortifications from the last two centuries since the age of 14. He has visited many forts, coastal batteries and bunkers all over Italy and around Europe, and considers their historical value and fascination to be much greater than many people think. He is a member of the Fortification Study Group and of the Coastal Defence Study Group, two international organizations dedicated to the remains of fortified defence works.

Fortifications can be found in many places, but they are particularly significant when placed on an island, where natural beauty and splendid views on the sea also add to their ‘sinister’ charm. Being isolated also means that fortifications have better resisted to the passing of time, thus have more to offer to visitors.

Armed with a camera and a lot of research, we go and explore these often unknown places to bring you a taste of the experience and hopefully contribute to their preservation. We explain the workings and purpose of defences, also with the help of local experts and animations, and interpret the traces of their past.
This series is an on-going effort and many places are planned to be visited over the next few years. We are in a hurry since some fortifications are at risk of demolition, conversion or simply erosion by the elements. We hope that with increasing interest from the public we will cover the majority of the fortified islands of Europe and beyond, so watch this space!

The first episode is a unique and beautiful island that has so many traces of fortification over time, with a particularly strong historical significance, that it just had to be the top of the list. NEW in 2014: Online version available! Click on 'Buy' for more info.

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