We share our passion for fortifications and bunkers with many other enthusiasts in Europe and beyond.

These are some links of interest on the same subject, the list will grow in the near future and be updated often:

Guernsey bunkers All about the fortifications of Guernsey, which is the island next to Alderney

Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey) Alderney belongs to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, so this is the official and most important association relating to the German Occupation of Alderney and its heritage.

Victorian Forts An excellent website about fortifications from the Victorian era (and more)

Festung Guernsey Another important website on the fortifications of Guernsey, with good variety of information

AtlantikWall UK Nice website about fortifications in Europe and other specialist subjects mantained by a nice chap

Darkplaces The meeting point for all those who like to venture deep underground: brave people...

AtlantikWall Denmark A very good website about fortifications in Denmark run by a bunker enthusiast like us!

Site O One of the first websites dedicated to World War Two fortifications, with venerable expert Joe Kaufmann

Bunkerblog and Bunkersite, two reference websites for fortifications and bunker enthusiasts

Discover Britain magazine, a lavish and exciting publication very much in tune with us!

Wartourist, a website dedicated to people like us who travel to historical places

Britain At War, a history magazine that does not need an introduction

The Armourer and Military Modelcraft International, two magazines that are the perfect companions for military enthusiast like us!

La Coupole in France, the site of a bombed V2 launching site, one of the biggest and thickest bunkers of WWII and now an extraordinary visit.


More links always coming...