You don't often find official websites of documentary series, and in addition we also want to give you a taste of what we do and can find on our DVDs.


We have prepared a selection of short snippets from the first episode. Music licensing restrictions limit our choice of available material for online viewing, but we hope that the sample videos provided will tickle your interest. These excerpts from the documentary may be changed or removed over time, so enjoy while you can!

NEW FOR 2014: we have opened a new channel on DailyMotion, where you can rent and watch the online edition of BATTLESHIP ISLANDS - ALDERNEY (a shorter version of the DVD, 44' instead of 87', perfect for the general public, computers and mobile devices). Just click our badge below:


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Nature and romantic past: Victorian Forts in Alderney

Reconstructing the past


Teaser / Taster


Please note that the link for the extra content for the purchasers of the DVD can only be found on the 'Information' screen of the DVD.

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