February 2015: After much troubling and delays outside of our control, Battleship Islands Alderney is now finally available on Amazon Instant Video on the USA market!!! Available both for rental and for purchase, the new shorter version (same as the one on Dailymotion) is made specially for the online market and has been adjusted for the NTSC standard. Click HERE to watch!

June 2014: Battleship Islands - Alderney now available also at the Museum of Le Blockhaus d'Eperlecques, in Pas De Calais, France, one of the biggest bunkers built by the Germans during WWII, for launching V2 rockets.

March 2014: Our new online channel is available on DailyMotion with the new shorter, online version of the Alderney episode available for rental! The new version is half as long as the original full version, with some new music, and more suitable for the general public, ideal for computers and mobile devices, internet-enabled TVs and watching on the move! It also comes with full subtitles in 5 languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish! The video is available at a special introductory offer (about a quarter of the DVD retail price), payable by card, Paypal or SMS, and can be watched from anywhere in the world! Click HERE to watch!

November 2013: Battleship Islands gets an exceptional mention on After The Battle

September 2013: Battleship Islands positively reviewed on the Coast Defence Study Group journal

August 2013: Battleship Islands now available at the German Occupation Museum in Guernsey

July 2013: Battleship Islands positively reviewed on the Fortress Study Group newsletter (excerpts)

June 2013: Battleship Islands selected for the Specials' Board at the Sheffield DocFest

May 2013: Another two very positive reviews about Battleship Islands, on the May/June issue of The Armourer and the May issue of Military Modelcraft International magazines, available at UK newsagents now.

April 2013: Our DVD reviewed on Site 0 newsletter by Joe Kaupfmann, a world expert on fortifications and author of many books on the subject: read the article

March 2013: Our DVD reviewed on Miniature Wargames ("Professionally made and presented") and Scale Military Modeller ("Comprehensive coverage") magazines.

February 2013: Our DVD reviewed on the Channel Islands Occupation Society newsletter ("Well researched... A credible achievement")

January 2013: We are preparing for the next episode, and we expect more reviews in the coming months.

December 2012: our DVD has been positively reviewed on this month's editions of Discover Britain Magazine ("Essential Viewing") and Britain At War Magazine ("Absorbing Documentary").
We have updated our channel on YouTube, which is gathering quite a following!

We have been interviewed on Bunkerblog.eu, one of the reference websites for fortification researchers, read here.

November 2012: our DVD is now available at two prestigious museums:
The National Army Museum in Chelsea, London and La Coupole Musée in France!
We have also opened a channel on YouTube.

September 2012: new retailers in mainland UK and especially online! See the 'Buy' section...

27 July 2012: Our DVD reviewed on Guernsey Press: read the article

20 July 2012: Our DVD reviewed on the Alderney Press: read the article

16 July 2012: Battleship Islands - Alderney released to the Channel Islands read the press release

16 June 2012: Battleship Islands shortlisted for the UKTV Innovation Pitch at the Sheffield Documentary Festival